Montag, 8. Januar 2018

Bügelfeuer Show in Bremen

"Bügelfeuer" is a show organized by train fans from Bremen at "Spedition Bremen". In this show you can find a variety of works and talks in connection to the topic of TRAINS. Hoboing, surfing , painting, writing and spotting - lots of different activities on and with trains. I'm invited to present PADiGLiONE iN MOViMENTO publication and to exhibit some of my recent works. Stay tuned about the upcoming show in Bremen - more Infos here.

Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Transwaggon Paper Panel - New Silk Screen Print Available

A new fresh silkscreen print of mine is now available.
Transwaggon Paper Panel is a silk screen print edition done with spray paint and acrylique on paper. All pieces are signed and numbered on backside.

size 43 cm x 61 cm
edition of 35
first week prize 90€ each + shipping

available here via message to jens(attt)

Dienstag, 7. November 2017

36. Dresdner Grafikmarkt - Live Printing and Selling on 11. & 12. November 2017

During the next weekend I take part at the 36th Dresdner Graphikmarkt. Besides presenting my own works for selling I print live during both days of the market. You can follow the development of a new screenprint series - See you there!

You can find more Information about the Dresdner Grafikmarkt on their website.

Am nächsten Wochenende werde ich am 36. Dresdner Graphikmarkt teilnehmen. Neben der Verkaufspräsentation meiner Werke werde ich auch Vor-Ort drucken. Ihr könnt also live miterleben wie sich eine neue Siebdruckserie entwickelt - Wir sehens uns auf dem Grafikmarkt!

Weiter Informationen zum Dresdner Grafikmarkt sind zu finden auf der Website des Markts.

Freitag, 6. Oktober 2017

Urban art bicycle tour through street art and mural history of Dresden "Fröbtau"

On saturday 14th october i offer again a guided bicycle tour though the Project Raum City Bilder and other Urban Art in Dresden "Fröbtau". Here is the official Press release:

Fröbtau unites the Dresden dirstricts of Friedrichstadt and Löbtau.

Fröbtau - that means unauthorized graffitis at abandoned factories in the 90’s, illegal urban art shows in empty residential houses and street art posters by the group NOLOGO in 2000’s.

Fröbtau - that means official large sized murals of the project „RAUM City Bilder“ from 2011-2014, the Sichtbetong - Camp 2013 or since 2016 the Roads Festival.

Since 1989 the appearance of Fröbtau changed intensively. Contributions of local actors like riesa efau, Friedrichstadtzentral e.V., konglomerat e.V. or Jens Besser lead to diverse alternative life in the districts of Friedrichstadt and Löbtau.

Jens Besser operates globally as muralist. In the 90’s he already started his activities in urban design in Fröbtau. Later Besser invited international artists in projects at Motorenhalle e.g. „Muralismo Morte“ or „Conceptual Vandalism“. 2011 Besser started to curate the public gallery „RAUM City Bilder“ in cooperation with riesa efau.

The urban art bicycle tour invites to discover the prospering urban district of Fröbtau. The tour is part of Roads Festival .

Start 14.10.2017 - 2p.m. - riesa efau /Adlergasse Crossing Wachsbeichstraße / Dresden - "Fröbtau"

Duration of the tour is 2 hours. Please bring your bicycle.

contribution fee: 5€ reduced / 7€ regular

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Accomplices Across Borders - Walls,Trains & Vagabonds

The collaborative show "Accomplices Across Borders - Walls,Trains & Vagabonds" opened on 5th May at Hole of Fame Dresden.
During the preparation of the show
Alessandra Ioalè / IT,
Blazej Rusin / UA,
WanderlustSocialClub / FR & BE,
Eric Vogel / DE
and me
worked together on a limited edition magazine. The content, texts and photos of the collaborative process, is screen printed on 100 sprayed papers. Papers were sprayed outdoors on various public surfaces by the participating visual artists.
The limited DIY magazine is available for 5€ cash at Hole of Fame Dresden.

The Show runs till 28th May.

Hole of Fame - Königsbrücker Str. 39 - 01099 Dresden/DE

Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Tains, Travels & Papers - solo show at TEGN: Art space

In April I'm invited for a solo show at TEGN: Art-space in Jyderup/DK. The space is located in a town with only 4000 inhabitants. It will be really interesting to present my works in the countryside area of Denmark, because my works are usually much connected to urbanism and metropolitain chaos. At least Jyderup has a train line including a station.

The show starts on 28th April. On the same day i present my catalogue "Trains , Travels & Murals". Thanx a lot for the invitation to Anders Reventlov.

Freitag, 31. März 2017

"Magic City" goes Munich

Magic City, one of the biggest urban art shows in Europe, moves to the next exhibition hall. After the start in Dresden Magic City now stops in Munich till September, before moving on to Stockholm in November. The Munich show starts on 13th April - again with my work and a lot new works such as Blek le Rat or Niels Shoe Meulman. The whole artists line up you can find here. In Munich they will present the accompanying catalogue - I'm curious to see it!

Donnerstag, 30. März 2017

New work for University Hospital Dresden

Yesterday i started to work on a new drawing for the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden. The work is located in the backyard of the child psychatry. It's a smaller commission, but i shows well how the painting of an ugly brownish metal shed can change the backyard situation a lot. More pictures coming soon. Work in Process for University Hospital Dresden Carl Gustav Carus

Montag, 6. März 2017

More murals from 2016

This is a mural painted in Dresden-Prohlis without sketch. Painted like a street bombing piece. And while you paint you get an idea what it deals with. This one is about panel and T2B sized works on trains - compared to a wall. Mural in Dresden-Prohlis The Flying Spaghetti Monster above all During the LackStreicheKleber - Festival 2016 I painted some works at Groove Station Dresden. This one shows the flying spaghetti monster above the arms of an unknown priests group.

Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Trains, Travels & Murals - Presentation Of New Catalogue

Trains, Travels and Murals - Catalogue Launch 17.2.2017 - Magic City Hot off the press I present my catalogue "Trains, Travels & Murals" on Friday 17th February at Magic City. My second catalogue gives an overview of murals, works done during travels and well in media recognizable pieces. Works from nearly one decade are combined with texts of international art critics, curators and researchers. On 120 pages this catalogue shows my development and most important steps on my artistic path. The catalogue is published multilingual - English & German. I'm really happy and proud to present the catalogue - Thanx a lot to all supporters.

Friday - 17th February 2017

Start 7 p.m.

Magic City - Zeitenströmungen Areal
Königsbrücker Straße 96
Dresden / Germany

Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

2016 - a mix of collaborations

Collaboration with Michal Skapa & Artourette in Prague November 2016 - Collaboration in Prague during the show "Kresba prostorem II - Zeichnung raumüber" at meetfactory. Done together with Michal Skapa (Tron1) and Artourette. Collaboration with Michal Skapa (Tron) September 2016 - Collaboration in Dresden during the show "Kresba prostorem I - Zeichnung raumüber" at Galerie Adlergasse. Done together with Michal Skapa (Tron1). Train car collaboration with Blazej Rusin July 2016 - Collaboration in Chemnitz. Done together with Blazej Rusin from Uzhorod/Ukraine. Train car collaboration with Blazej Rusin - Detail on Top

Private car design

Power Of Abstraction - car drawing During the "Friedrichstädter Stadtteilfest" i did a redesign of a private car. Here's the result. Power Of Abstraction - car drawing detail Some tributes to wheel case taggers from Europe. Power Of Abstraction - car drawing detail Every car needs a roaring lion ;)

Black Circle Festival - Summer 2016 in Ukraine

Last year i went to Ukraine to participate in the autonomous organized festival "Black Circle". After six hours staying in a bus at the polish-ukrainian border I finally arrived in Lviv. There Blazej Rusin picked my up and the whole Black Circle Crew met up at the regional train station of Lviv. It was sunny weather and perfect time for camping in the carpatian mountains. The 2016 edtion of Black Circle was held near the river Stryi somewhere near the town Stryi. For about 6 days we stayed together in a rural area near an unfinished nuclear powerplant. The construction of the powerplant stopped at an early stage but in the whole area we found nice huge walls and hidden spots of all kind. Caves, Large walls, small walls, rooms of empty houses...
The Real Flavour- Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 During my stay at Black Circle I met a lot of ukrainian artists. Some of them took time to do collaborations. Here s a collabo with eas from Krementschuk. Collabo with Eas - Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 Collabo with Eas - Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 Collabo with Eas - Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 One night we had terrible strong rain. To survive the rain and not just sitting in the tents we started to sing and move like Indians around our fire place. Out of this movement we performed the "Karimata Brigada Dance" - the "Thermal Mat Brigade Dance". As a tribute to that crazy night i painted a mural. Karimata Brigada - Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 For the whole week we stayed offline and we had a lot of talks and a nice time in the outback. In between also some deep thoughts about urban art theory. Countryside Graffiti Theory - Black Circle Festival Ukraine / 2016 Thanks a lot to the whole Black Circle Crew !

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

Modena Mural

Mural in Modena This untitled work i did this summer in Modena. Again a two layer work - camouflage background and white drawing done above with brush. Orange connections in between. Pietro Rivasi of D406Gallery organized the wall - thanx a lot.

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

New Untitled Mural in Dresden-Cotta

Untitled Mural in Dresden Cotta This untitled Mural is a commissioned work for a Dresden based housing cooperative called "housing cooperative of train workers". It's naturally that the housing cooperative fits to my drawing topics. It was easy to suggest them the idea for this mural which consists of two walls on two sides of a small street. I'm really happy about the result. It was hard work priming the wall to get strong and clear colors. Using the masking tape to get perfect shapes with straight lines took a lot power, too. Detail of Untitled Mural in Dresden Cotta Detail of Untitled Mural ( part 2 ) in Dresden Cotta Untitled Mural ( part 2 ) in Dresden Cotta

Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Collaboration with Aris in Magdeburg

Once again Aris and me were invited by Kulturanker e.V. to realize a large sized work inside the former prison of Magdeburg. Last year we made huge pasted works for the show „Sinnlichkeit“ . This time we painted directly on the wall. A relaxed huge collaboration during nice sunny days. Thanx a lot to Kulturanker e.V. and the whole prison-team - especially Patrick. Collaboration with Aris in Magdeburg Collaboration with Aris in Magdeburg

Freitag, 22. April 2016

BWNC - Beer, Waiting, Needle Caps

BWNC are the Italian Aris, the Dane Anders Reventlov, the Frenchman Vilx and the German Jens Besser. The crew was founded during a sunday afternoon in a prison.* „Beer, Waiting, Needle Caps“ stands for an afternoon spend together behind bars with no lack of beer, needle caps and time. Only spray cans were missing, the artists waited in vain for the most important materials. After the „release“ their paths went separate ways, but the idea of the crew continued to exist. Later the decision was made to realize exhibitions in 2016. The first reunion will take place at the exhibition space HOLE OF FAME in Dresden/Germany.

On 29th April - 8p.m. „Beer, Waiting, Needle Caps“ will open. The show runs till Saturday - 7th May. During the period of the show the artists do interaction inside and outside the show. Presentations of the participating artists give the opportunity to learn more about their work and to get in touch with the artists.

once again the key dates

„Beer, Waiting, Needle Caps“ - group show by Aris (IT), Anders Reventlov (DK), Vilx (FR), Jens Besser (DE)

opening: 29.4.2016 - 8.p.m.

period of the show: 30.4.2016 - 6.5.2016
opening hours: 7p.m. - 20 p.m.
presentation by artists:
Jens Besser - 4.5.2016 - 8 p.m.
Anders Reventlov - 6.5. - 8 p.m.
place: HOLE OF FAME - Königsbrücker Str. 39 - Dresden/Germany

* Aris, Anders Reventlov, Vilx and Jens Besser stayed together in the former prison of Magdeburg for the art project „Die Neue Sinnlichkeit“. All artists realized large sized works on walls for the curated sub-project „Antimurals“.

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Memories from another era - large sized drawing

Memories from another era - large sized drawing During „Thementag zur zeitgenössischen Sachbeschädigung“ ( theme day of contemporary vandalism ) I draw a „mural“ live inside „Zeche1“ in Bochum. Robert Kaltenhäuser invited me to participate in a one day action based on 3 stops about contemporary movements in Graffiti Art. I simulated a mural by using a really small and funny elevator and working „top down“.
The content of the work is connected to discussions and talks which happend during my stay in Bochum. I met up some old school writers from Dresden and Bochum and we spoke about the past of painting trains and doing graffiti. The work is done with brush and white paint on wooden boards.
Memories from another era - large sized drawing

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

Untitled collaboration with Stefan Schwarzer

untitled work - Collaboration with Stefan Schwarzer Today was the first day in 2016 to draw a mural. It was above zero degree and Stefan Schwarzer from Halle visited me in Dresden. We went to an abandoned factory in the outskirts of Dresden to look out for a nice spot to do a quick collaborative work. We did a nice interaction drawing like back in the days when we did„ Neue Welt “ (New World) in 2010 . I hope in spring we start to do more works like this - today it was still freezing cold. untitled work - Collaboration with Stefan Schwarzer untitled work - Collaboration with Stefan Schwarzer

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016

PechaKucha Dresden - Vol. 10

Thursday, 21st. January 2016, the 10th edition of Pecha Kucha in Dresden will happen. I speak about contemporary muralism - but no Mural-Festival stuff.

I took already part in 4 more Editions of Dresden Pecha Kucha , and some more Pecha Kuchas in Kosice and Heerlen .. i love the way of presentation - fast and straight.

more Infos here

Freitag, 8. Januar 2016

"Muralists Paradise"

Last summer i did a parody on current muralism development on a wall in Dresden. I had the sketch done some days before I did this comissioned passage way in Dresden-Neustadt. You see houses just made of huge walls - perfect for muralism, but nonsense for living.

In recent years a huge recognition goes to huge murals by few artists. Before institutionalization of contemporary muralism coming from graffiti background, we had a much wider recognition of different artists and styles. People not just liked big walls, because of their impressive size.

The current development which seems like „Hey Girls - I got the biggest dig" or "hey boys - i got the biggest titties“ is not the way i thought about when i started to draw on walls in public and did projects such as muralismo morte. The recent development of an usage of muralism just for beautification is boring and one-dimensional.

I want to continue in muralism, but a new way should be found - maybe smaller, maybe collaborations again, maybe big stuff again, but a different content - let’s see what happens in 2016 ;)

Freitag, 6. November 2015

Dortmund x-Wagen @ Infusion#8

Dortmund x-Wagen (Detail) @ Infusion#8
This is my latest work „Dortmund x-Wagen“ done for a group show at the train station Herne. It’s a sgraffito work done on a wall in the former waiting room of the station. The scratched drawing refers to night activities of train painters in and around Dortmund. For a long period the „x-Wagen“ was the typical model of suburban trains in the Ruhr region. It was the number one aim of train writers for painting.

The show Infusion#8 was organized by 247style (Bochum). Other participating artists were Fino (Berlin), Niels Mlynek(Cologne), Ahmed Abdellatif & Severin Gruner (Dortmund).
Dortmund x-Wagen @ Infusion#8
Dortmund x-Wagen (Detail) @ Infusion#8

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Next Show - Infusion 2015 - Herne

The next show I participate is in Herne/Rhine-Ruhr-Area. The exhibition "Infusion 8" is located in the train station of Herne. It's a perfect spot to show a collection of my silk screen prints that deal with trains and train painting. Opening of the show is on 31st october 4 p.m.. More Infos about the show you can find on fb.

Freitag, 11. September 2015

Reclaim the street Workshop - noch freie Plätze !

Es gibt noch freie Plätze für den Ferienworkshop "reclaim the street". Der Workshop findet vom 12.10. bis 16.10. im und um riesa efau in Dresden statt. Es können alle dran teilnehmen die zwischen 16 und 18 Jahren alt sind. Der Workshop ist kostenfrei jedoch müsst ihr euch anmelden auf der Website des riesa efau. Alle weiteren Infos findet Ihr hier.

Hier der offizielle Workshoptext :

Ob Stencil, Sticker oder Mural — wir machen die Stadt ein bisschen bunter. Street Art gehört längst zum Großstadtbild und ihre Künstler_innen haben Galerien und Museen in Windeseile erobert. Aber wie funktioniert Street Art? Wie macht man ein fotorealistisches Schablonengraffiti? Welche weiteren Techniken gibt es, eine öffentliche Wand oder einen Platz zu gestalten? Und vor allem: Wie kann ich mich daran ohne Gefahren beteiligen? Neben den Grundlagen der Schablonentechnik, Hinweisen zu Sprüh- und Pinseltechniken sowie jeder Menge Wissenswertem zur Wandbildbewegung (Muralismo) steht das eigene Tätigwerden und Experimentieren in diesem Kurs im Vordergrund. Wir fertigen eigene Schablonen an, die wir auf selbst hergestellte Sticker sprühen. Wir erstellen Skizzen, die wir dann als Experimentiergrundlage für ein Mural auf einer öffentlichen Wand nutzen. Ob in der Gruppe oder individuell — wir werden den öffentlichen Raum

Freitag, 28. August 2015

"Beer, Waiting & Needle Caps" by Vilx & Jens Besser won the 3rd prize at "Sinnlichkeit 2015"

"Beer, Waiting & Needle Caps" by Vilx & Jens Besser won the 3rd prize at Sinnlichkeit- Art project I'm really happy to announce that Vilx and me won the 3rd prize at Sinnlichkeit 2015 in Magdeburg. I'm really surprised by the decision of the jury, but happy for sure. The spontanous work by Vilx and me was done on a sunny sunday afternoon at the former prison in Magdeburg. The piece is drawn on pasted paper and is part of the "Antimurals" pieces at "Sinnlichkeit 2015".

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