Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Berlin Teufelsberg

Yesterday i went to Berlin to meet Fars from Varna. We went on top of Teufelsberg to paint a quick winter collabo. Fast and simple ... a great day in Berlin with a good painter colleague.

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Neun Görlitz Share

This Friday we launch the first share (German: Aktie) of Neun Görlitz . We offer this share for 25€. The share gives you the opportunity to be part of the exhibition project. In future you can decide about shows & artist to exhibit at Neun Görlitz . The first share is limited to 50 pieces and printed live at Neun Görlitz by myself.

The live screenprinting starts at 4p.m. on friday 12th December and runs till 8p.m., on saturday I print live again. Between 2p.m. and 8 p.m.. Adresse: Fischmarkt 9 - Görlitz/Germany

Montag, 17. November 2014

From Gütersloh to Ayia Napa

This is "Refugien V.xx" in Gütersloh/Germany. The "Woldemar-Winkler-Stiftung" of Sparkasse Gütersloh invited me to paint a temporary mural on the facade of the "Sparkasse" Headquarter-Building in downtown Gütersloh. Because of its short lifetime, we had no discussions about content or colors with anybody. I really liked that idea and I'm happy with the result ... pure drawing , 2d & 3d mixed, huge size ... Thanx a lot to Christoph Winkler !

This is my latest work for Ayia Napa Street Art Festival on Cyprus. A long wall full of sketches on "black paper". Thanx a lot to the organizers of the Festival - the paparazzi Studio in Ayia Napa.

Sonntag, 21. September 2014


This is a print for an upcoming muralist meeting in Dresden Friedrichstadt. riesa efau and urban script continues present this first symposium about muralism - more infos here riesa-efau.de/kunst-erleben/zeit-fuer-wandmalereien-time-...
and here www.anartchy.com/urbanscript/2014-2/time-for-murals/
This screenprint is available for 50€ (plus shipping) and the half of it (25€) goes to the project ! The print is limited on 25 pieces and printed on acid free Hahnemühle Nostalgie paper (40x60cm) - feel free to contact me.


This is a drawing of a series called "Refugien" done in 2014. Some of these drawings and some older ones are shown at the upcoming "DIE KUNST DES WEGLASSENS - Zwanzig Positionen zeichnerischen Arbeitens rein aus der Linie" exhibition at Neue Sächsische Galerie in Chemnitz.

Sichtbetonung 2014

This year i took again part at Sichtbetonung project in Dresden. The Sichtebtonung-crew, formally known as Friedrichstadtzentral group, moved to a new building called Zentralwerk. Zentralwerk is a big porject and i hope they are able to realize it. If you have time to support the group - feel free to help them.

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Some Dates

Some upcoming events this year i take part in:

"pecha kucha night", lecture at Zentralwerk - Dresden - tomorrow - 3.July

"LackStreicheKleber" - Urban Art Festival in Dresden at various locations in Dresden - 4.-10.August During the Festival i offer a workshop called "reclaim the street" about urban art techniques I exhibit as well and paint some wallstuff.

"Wallcome"- I hold a lecture about mural-art there - Schmalkalden - 12.September

"Time For Murals" - urban script continues in cooperation with riesa efau e.V. Kulturforum Dresden - international mural project and muralists meeting in Dresden-Friedrichstadt - 2.-8.October

"On Architecture - Facing the Future" - Congress and exhibition by strand - Belgrad/Serbia - 1.-15. December

Überzeichnungstour - Last work this year in Bulgaria

The wall is done in Poduyane district of Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. It's located between a huge mural of Etam crew (PL) and Nasimo (BG) - "Big Thanx" to Iasen of urban creatures who organized the wall.I had a great time in Bulgaria painted around 15 murals - not all are published online yet.I hope to be again in Bulgaria ... next year maybe !!! Thanx to all the supporters of my tour - especially Mr. Bartsch of Goethe Institut Sofia Some more walls are shown at the upcoming Festival "LackStreicheKleber" in Dresden. And later on in other cities and towns...

Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Jens Besser & Alexi Iwanow @ Contemporary Space - Varna

This is my latest artwork in Varna - a collaboration with Alexi Iwanow from Varna. The work is located right next to the contemoporary space - most probably the best place for contemporary arts and art workshops in Varna. Thanx a lot to the contemporary space team! If you like to see the work more detailed just click on the foto.

Montag, 9. Juni 2014

@ стенографика - Burgas

This is my final work in Burgas at Stenografika - it s a mixture of a recent drawing ( a recent drawing ) I posted and the snail drawings i did in Russe ... The work is done at "стенографика" a place for legal painting in Burgas. Thanx again to hamalogika Click on the image to see it in higher resolution !

Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

It's chalk and sketch time

In Russe I painted the window facade of Dom Elias Canetti. The work is inspired by a snail that passed by in the local park along the river danube. Originally i planned to write Russe on the snail house, but the snail moved inside the house and i thought "hmm,maybe the snail is from Giurgiu , the romanien town on the other side of the river." I left the snail alone and continued my walk in the park.... Instead i made a drawing of lot's of "train and housing snails" in Dom Elias Canetti
During my stay in Burgas , i went to the Stara Zagora. In Stara Zagora is a really huge and impressive monument of the socialist era. It's an amazing place. just some minutes before i arrived at the monument Idecided to make a spontanous chalk drawing on the ground in front of monument. I thought about things (objects, buildings, factories) I saw in the recent years which are still left from this era.
the city of Stara Zagora - seen from the monument
When i hanged out at the beach of Burgas i got some ideas that could come from some friends from Sofia ( the transformatori group ) . I thought about reusing old ships, like Costa Concordia as huge blockhouses ... this could win an architectural award of sustainability for sure ;))))

Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

presentations and artist talks in Bulgaria

My schedule for presentations of my work get's more and more clear.

Ruse 3.6.2014, 6p.m. - Dom Elias Canetti

Burgas 6.6.2014 (time is not set yet)- geo milev/goethe - school

Varna 12.6.,7.30 p.m. - contemporary space

Sofia 16.6., 3p.m. - Goethe Institut Sofia

After Bulgaria I'm back in Germany invited for a discussion called "Kulturpolitischer Salon" in Leipzig - 26.6., 8p.m. Halle14 (Spinnerei Leipzig)

Kresna - Pampa - Varna

The last two stops brought me in two directions. For my first stop i went to the south of Sofia in direction to Greece. Along the trainline I found a nice abandoned old stop. As most people know ( who follow my works constantly ) I'm a bit fanatic about trains and public transport. That's why I used the opportunity to paint the first station named after me - gara beser. After that i moved in direction to the coast to meet up with the most talented street artist (in my eyes) from Bulgaria - Fars. He is not just talented , he is extremly active. While my stay of 4 days in the city of Varna, we went out painting every single day. He showed me a lot of different sights of Varna. We painted at the beach, inside a socialist monument , along the trainline and on a well frequented underpass. All the works were done without permission, but the people enjoyed our works - they offered us drinks (at the beach) or just said "nice work and good luck". Here just one impression - more follow soon, after I hold my final presentation in Sofia at Goethe Institut on 16th of June. An eventlink is coming soon. I'm in Varna again on 12th at the contemporary space to show some of my works in an artist talk. My next stop is Russe - Here i hold my presentation on 3rd of June at Dom Elias Canetti - all infos you can find on the link ( infos exist as well in Български )

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Geo Milev/Goethe School in Burgas

Some Details of the work Ifinished in Burgas at Geo Milev &Goethe School - thanx a lot to Hamalogika and Martin Pavlov I'm again in Burgas for a lecture during the 6th of June - to present some of my mural projects and works I did in the recent years. My Next stop is Plovdiv!

Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

First mural finished ...

Yesterday I finished the first wall on my tour at Concordia in Sofia. The materials , small roller and acrylic paint, made me work different then usually. It's a connection of abstract forms and drawings. Thanx a lot to my local support - Desi, Diki and Valo!

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Bulgaria - Here we go !

After a lot press articles about a request for more "legal walls" in Dresden I 'm back in my favorite country - Bulgaria. This year I do a mural and public drawing tour through the country. My trip will lead my to Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, Russe, Varna and some more unknown places. The whole tour is supported by Goethe Institut Sofia. Today i start a wall in Sofia... Let's see what happens.

Dienstag, 29. April 2014

"Refugien" - new mural in Dresden

Just recently I finished my first official mural this year. It is located in Dresden-Friedrichstadtand painted on private property. Thanx a lot to the owners of this huge Blockhouse.

The work is called "Refugien" ( engl. hideaways). It shows different types of housing in the down part of the mural. Coffee-machine, piano, drink-box - all transformed into Buildings. The Buildings are located on artificial iles - like Venice houses build on artificial ground. In the back of the buildings you see the ocean.

The upper part is more open. It is filled by symbols of time (differnt types of clocks), travel ( ship and backpack) and sketching ( pencil and pencil sharpener). My idea was to bring ideas to the wall , why people live in such a Building - an old, nearly unrenovated Blockhouse.

Maybe it's because they found space in this Buildung where the could just live their lifestyle.
The House has a great mixture of people - students, poor people, immigrants, old people who like the view from their flat in the 6th floor. Most of the visitors think that this Building is really ugly and people inside are kind of frustrated to live in such a Building. But I think it's not true. If you live in a posh area you have to be silent, don't make any dirt, you're only welcome if you wear expensive clothing.
In this Blockhouse - everbody can just live his way. You can look fucked up, you don't need to care to much about noise and the rent is low ... That's why this Builidng can be kind of a shelter for refugees from all the other districts of the city.

Weird but maybe true ... more pictures about the work here

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Abandoned Painting 2014

After a long winter break - spring arrives and painting murals starts again ... Aris at work on our collaboration wall in the dark factory. Click on the foto to see the collaboration in higher resolution. Just a detail.

Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Hidden Publics - publication

"Jens Besser is known for his extensive work as a graffiti artist. Many of his works can be seen while walking around Dresden, but he has left traces of his passage throughout the world. His photographic work is not as well known and is also based on graffiti. Some of his murals were created intentionally to be photographed, especially on sites to which spectators would not usually come,like abandoned houses. Photography allows the oft-transient graffiti to be preserved and documented. Many of his photographs are artworks in their own right. He integrates his interventions in buildings, on burned walls or train cars as compositional elements in them. Jens Besser also uses the special properties of the photographic medium: for example´, dark areas form a counterpoint to his colorful painting and so contribute to the meaning of the photo. Besser's wonderful graffiti works outdoors, the animal and human figures that Jens Besser evokes on the wall, in dialogue with the immediate environment and his own consciousness could be understood literally as "hidden publics". The areas of light and dark in his photographs can also elicit secret feelings, even fantasies." Text by Andrea Domesle. Published in Hidden Publics - exhibition catalogue. Publisher: Andrea Domesle & Walter Seidl , ISBN 978-3-9807388-4-2 , efau Verlag, Dresden The catalogue is available e.g. at riesa-efau Dresden .

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Taichung Timelapse

Thanx to the Goethe Institut Taipei, Goodot Village and Dr.Karsten Steinmetz I was invited to paint the facade of the former Honolulu Club in Taichung/Taiwan for Face Off art project. I had nice days there and would like say "Thanx a lot" to the whole Face Off crew. The place was incredibily nice. An old abandoned club in the middle of the old downtown. 5 minutes to Taichung mainstation and a lot scooters, cars and buses passing by. I really enjoyed to breathe the atmosphere while painting at this extremly crowed corner. Unfortunatly the Face Off project officially ends on january 12th, but the painting will be there in the future. Hopefully there will be more projects like Face Off in Taichung - the old downtown has lot's of places and space to fill up with experimental art.

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

From Görlitz to Taichung

This friday the international group show "coming from the yard - straight out Verschiebebahnhöfe" opens at Neun Görlitz. It's the first show in the european city of Görlitz/Zgorzelec that features a special part of contemporary urban art. Contemporary urban art which is connected to trains. In the City of Waggonbau Görlitz ( now Bombardier Transportation ) it surprises me a lot. I hope in the future we hear more of these specials from Görlitz.
After this opening I'm invited to paint a mural during the show "Face Off" in Taichung/Taiwan. Thanks to Dr. Karsten Steinmetz and Goethe Institut Taipei.

Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

"Travel Of Infinity"- Calender 2014

"Travel Of Infinity -2014 " ( pictures in better quality you can find here) is a silkscreen printed calender i printed this year. The calender is made of 8 sheet of differnt type of paper . The monthly sheets are printed on both sides. Edition of 30. Size 32cm x 50cm - price 150€ (plus shipping) available in Dresden @ Art&Form or via contact form

Freitag, 29. November 2013

Three murals for Abrisshaussession 2013

"Welcome 2 Utopia" was located at the entrance to this year edition of Abrisshaussession in Dresden. In abandoned buildings muralists can live the utopia of painting everything they like to paint. Without permissions. Without stress. Without borders. Last Mural in Germany of this years series "Train of Infnity".The infinite train blocks the way of "Handhaving - International". The dutch word "Handhaving" means in german "Ordnungsamt" or in english regulatory authority . These authorities usually criminalise painters in abandoned factories or stop paste up actions in public space. "A view from outside" was my last mural for Abrisshaussession 2013. In the middle of the work you see the weird "Saint Bureokrates" ( der herabgestiegeneParagraphenreiter ) . Attacked from the left by panic-ing masses and on the left a typical yard situation in a peacefull night. Size of each mural is 3m to 4m. To see more details of the works - click on the images.

Montag, 11. November 2013

Abrisshaussessions are back in 2013 !

Between 2005 and 2009 a series of unauthorized exhibitions took place in Dresden called - "Die Abrisshaussessions" ( abandoned buildung sessions)
2005 - totgesagte leben länger -
2005 - the pixelpunk was fucking your mind -
2007 - ... but sorry i have to leave earlier " -
2009 - Muralismo Morte Museum -

2013 the Abrisshaussessions are back. For one day an abandoned Factory in the area of Dresden is an open place for free art without bureaucratic borders.

The only way to get informations about this show is via E-mail - you can send me a request for this show via facebook or my contact form .
Above you see a first picture of our preparations.

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Shepard Fairey, Banksy and ....

This is something about "Nachhaltigkeit" ( engl - sustainability ). In 2005 I runned a small store for street art releated stuff called nokopi. One day a girl arrived in this store and asked for "No logo" - the guy, crew, whatever , who did some stuff in the streets of Barcelona. I told here:"I did some of these paste ups in Barcelona." She was really happy when i said these words. She planned to make a publication about street art in Barcelona during this times. But finally she realized there is much more to research about, if the publication should be good enough for her own standards. The book was never published - but Heike continued to reaserch about the field of street art. From time to time i met here - mostly by accident. The last time i saw here was at some art fair in Berlin about street art. I was there to present my book "muralismo morte". We had a lunch outside the fair and she told me about her results. It was really nice to see, there is somebody who continues to make deep researches in a really dfficult field for outsiders. I was one of the few artists who did not come from a metropolitan City Like Berlin, New York or London. I was the small "noname" from Dresden - who loves to explore the world and paint everywhere. 7 years later i see the results of her long period works - the book "Street Art Karrieren".

For me personally this is not another book about street art. It's in my eyes the first german (maybe worldwide) long term research about the connection of street art hype, art market and style/trademark of an artist. The book shows at its best how much art nowadays is related to a famous name / trademark and how much quality&ideas count (nearly nothing). For Heike I am maybe the artists who is the counterpart in the street-art-world for Banksy&Shepard Fairey. I studied at the academy fine arts, i'm not interested to sell artworks for the financial art market (If I sell my artworks i sell it to collectors & people how appreciate art and not to investment bankers who put my stuff in a bank safe, where nobody can see my stuff )
My main aim is to do public art. Art for the people. Art where I don't need to write concepts. Art where I dont't have to follow bureaucrats and co.
Over the years i developed my own way to survive as a freelancer. A mixture of producing, teaching and making research. I traveled to different countries and met a lot,lot,lot active artists. I did murals all over. I printed a lot stuff with silk screen technique. But most of my works are still unpublished till now. I only put works on this blog - that follow a certain style. A style that i like to continue. I still produce a lot,lot,lot more stuff. Stuff that does not fit in here, because it's done for the public and only to be seen in public. And I better leave it to people like Heike to find out who does these works. Who is the "noname" artists who does this kind of scribbling, that kind of message or this type of logolike figure.
It's maybe more difficult to survive from art as an idealist in art ( to have a lot money makes some things a lot easier) But when things like the publishing of this book happen, it's one of the rare moments in my life when i feel: "I did something good in my life. I'm proud about my way".
That's why - THANX A LOT to Heike for her great research. And as i know she is again in a new reaserch project - GOOD LUCK for this and her whole future !!!!
And to finish this article with the beginning - this is a rare example of deep research in the field of street art and that's why it's "nachhaltig" ;)

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